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Player Reviews

On this page you can read user reviews about our project.
We are very glad to each feedback, please write them as detailed as possible, describe
the pros and cons of the project, your wishes for its further work.
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barin 12.05.2023 в 23:10

Отлично начало заложено!!!

1122334455 21.04.2023 в 02:02

قمت بلإداع واريد وعندما اردت السحب لا يسحب معي اريد إجابة لو سمحت

ahmedfaris 19.04.2023 в 15:29

Я вложил 5$ и вывожу каждый день свои деньги. Спасибо

Ihor00 16.04.2023 в 13:25

вложил 3 дол.,а вывода никакого, что то пошло не так!

для снятия ограничений необходимо пополнить общую сумму от 5 USD
Alex90 16.04.2023 в 03:54

No lo se rick.. Esto parece.

Taras 14.04.2023 в 20:44

Все отлично, играю стабильно и вывожу! Быстро окупается вложения!

ZADKIEL13 13.04.2023 в 17:27

We invested our money and the only amount to withdraw 0.03 or 0.05 and then it says Failed to pay,try again later . Nice very very nice

pfscam66 11.04.2023 в 03:15

لمذا تضهر رسالة فشل الدفع ما السبب

yaojljs 10.04.2023 в 08:48

my username is yaojljs@126.com I have already invested 23.5$ at Beefarm. According to regulations, I can withdraw 1$ per 12 hours. But every time I withdraw money, it shows Failed to pay,try again late. So it's impossible to withdraw at all. Please tell me the reason. thanks very much!

mehdi 09.04.2023 в 01:55

ما علاقة الدخل المرجعي بعدد السحوبات